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¿Is Gravit Designer Dead?

Hi, i have bought Gravit because Linux Support, i use ubuntu, but the Snap app disappear from existence, i have not view news from 2 years ago (Social Media, Web, etc…)
¿Whats Going on? ¿Everything ok?

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Hi @AdrianMoraJimenez, welcome to the forum.

The Social media channels are going through some remodeling. Gravit is a bit silent at the moment, but it is not dead. There are new releases almost every month.

Although the Snap version was removed due to a compatibility issue, there’s the AppImage one and you also may check the PWA or the web version.

Could you please at least update the changelog that the software itself refers to after updating itself.

I consider Gravit a patient on its deathbed or coma until I see a real feature release. Been with Gravit since forever but after years of waiting I have other options that makes Gravit reduntant. My biggest reason for running Gravit was a Linux machine I retired and replaced with a Windows machine to get better options.

I have been a project member (embedded customer) in huge software projects the last 10 years, so I know about hotfixes, service relases and major releases. I see only microsoftpic releases. The entire universe around Gravit almost died or went silent and I think it is time to move on for me.

I heard several of you talk about remodeling and “something is coming” and “Bear with us” and lots of talk, I have seen feature request vote systems but no actual update of Gravits features for several years.

We do use software for actual work out here - our business case is our primary concern and my perception of the story of Gravit Designer is a missed opportunity. And a dead product.

It is money out of my pocket. So surprise me.

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Was a nice project… u.u