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Is Gravit for pros?

I’m aiming to grow super fast as a designer and I want to be somewhere near pro-level by June 2021 (I started designing June 2020). Since June 2020, I’ve been using the free version of Gravit Designer, and I still use it. Also, if you will need this for some of your future descriptions or customer reviews,

Here’s why I kept using Gravit:
-Simple and user-friendly interface
-Easy to use
-All the tools you NEED

With Gravit, I’ve done lots of things that I am really proud of ( check out my work at ), and I honestly think that it’s great software, at least for a beginner. However, I’m not sure if Gravit Designer has all the tools a real pro needs. And I’m also sure it is not so flexible as, let’s say, Affinity Designer. So my questions are:

Is Gravit enough for a pro (professional flat illustrations, isometric illustrations, raster illustrations, logo design)?

What professional graphic design software would you recommend?

Affinity vs Figma? I heard these are great.

Thank you for your time and answers.

Hi @Ento,

Nice works on Dribble, congrats!

Your avatar really reminds of me an old artwork of mine - - :slight_smile:

If you scroll the Gravit’s Instagram account, you will find lots of awesome work, so “is it possible to create professional vector artwork?” YES.

Raster illustrations? NO. Gravit Designer is not like Photoshop or Procreate, etc.

The right software will depend on your needs. While Gravit Designer has all the main vector-based software features, you may need things that are not available yet (like warp distortions, brushes, and other stuff that is being developed in the background) and that can be found on Illustrator, for example.

Affinity designer is great, but it also doesn’t have warp distortions (for example), so if you are an AD user, you would need to jump to Illustrator if your design needs this kind of distortion.

“But it has brushes.”
Would you need brushes if you are an interface designer? probably not. But if you need to create a complex vector portrait or comic book, probably yes.

I have used Figma once to create a website wireframe (and to test the tool) but I don’t know enough to be able to judge. I may be wrong but I think that’s what it is built for (interfaces, etc). Not my kind of stuff.

Answering your topic question, “is Gravit for pros?” - Gravit is for everybody.

In general, this is how I approach the subject: I use the software I’m comfortable with until it reaches its full capacity. If I still need more, then it is time for you to find other tools.

This works for any software or life decisions, as I would only buy a new bike or move to a bigger apartment if the one I have is not useful for me anymore - :wink:


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