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Is there a knack to transform > move/copy with a single path object?

I often need to create multiple vertical lines 2 cm apart.
I start with an original single path and then transform >move > X=2 > copies = 4 ( for example).
Sometimes it works and I get 4 new vertical lines. Often, and apparently randomly, the copies are made but are not moved - they are piled up on top of the original.
Has anyone had this problem? I’ve tried having the path as a closed or open object, with and without fill.

Exactly the same here.
I’d go now another route for instance by duplicating as much as needed and use a rectangle as a helper object:

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Ah, good workaround Ellen. Annoying though - I’m a quilt artist so it’s something I use a LOT! @scofano is this a bug that’s been reported already?

Another easier way is kind of power-duplicate and goes as follows:

  1. Draw your first path - hit enter to finish.
  2. change to Select tool (hit “V”) - duplicate via cmd+D
  3. add at Position x +20 (mm) to the existent value - hit enter
  4. now hit short cut for duplicate again for as many doubles you need.

Nope, never seen it.

If you drag your line holding alt (and shift) and release it on 2cm (you would need a guide), then pressing ctrl+d should give you multiple lines with the same spacing.

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how did you manage to place a ruler at a certain point. Here it’s just trial&error.

I zoomed the canvas.

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Ps: It is Daniel. :rofl:

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Daniel (of course - sorry),
Cool trick. Thank you.

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Unfortunately this is not really a solution - setting a guide and then zooming in and out and calculating (unless the first line happens to be at 0 as in Daniel’s screencap) is really cumbersome. I just need to be able to instantly create , say, 4 copies of a line, assess the look, and then repeat that until I have enough lines.
I think if it’s happening for both Ellen and I, @Scofano, it’s a bug?
I’ve got to say its really infuriating - it will work once (select path>transform>move x=6> copies =10 (for example)> apply) and then when I do exactly the same action again it will just load all the new lines on top of the selected line.

This is one of the small things that, taken together, are making Gravit Pro impossible for me. Other things are:

  • real difficulty in moving a simple two-anchor path. Even when using the layers panel, the Select function ‘jumps’ to the object below the two-anchor line path on the canvas
  • smartguides appear and disappear at will - browser app needs to be relaunched to fix this
  • distance function (alt-hover cursor) very unreliable and often will seemingly show all distances except the one I need. It’s very slow to have to make your own measurement with the pen tool -
  • distance indicators on the canvas are generally a bit underpowered - and of course none of it works for lines which are not vertical or horizontal

Oh and the grid disappears - again , relaunch of site required to fix.
Most recently, selecting an object in the layers panel no longer highlights the object on the canvas… sigh.

What puzzles me is we can have interactive ruler for shapes and diagonally strokes but not for straight vertical/horizontal lines:
Otherwise it’s already there - almost.

Ach you’re right Ellen - it’s the vertical/horizontal straight lines that don’t work with ALT.

Does it work if holding shift?

Actually, on the non-browser application I can get some distance guides. If the path is above an existing object, it will show the distance from the edge and centre of that object. You have to select the path rather than an anchor.

It won’t show you the distance of a dupe path from its original. You also have to have a fill on the path - it doesn’t work if the path is only a border. And none of this works on the browser version as far as I can see.

Actually shift-key will disable the visibility of the interactive ruler. :cry: