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Is this the best software for me?

Im not a designer but our art teacher has told us that if we are interested in doing art for a job we should get Gravit Designer. But a friend of my dad says this is bad advice and I must learn to use Illustrator.

What do you think is this true. Will I able to make the kind of things that I want to with Gravit Designer.

Also I think Illustrator is pretty expensive and I don’t think my parents would get it for me.

Hi @SamuelRox,

You can start using Gravit Designer for free and after you master it, if you still think you need more tools or resources, you can move to Illustrator or any other vector program you like, as they all share the same concepts.

If you understand how things work (that’s the important thing), if you need to change programs later, you will need just a little time to find out “how to do this thing, that I used to do on that program that way, on this new one”.

What´s next?

Well at least he uses the same name everywhere. Good find @EllenM

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Somehow strange and pathetic to send his teacher ahead.

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