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Issues with the ungroup button


I am new to Gravit and I am using the 15 trail free option… I am playing around with the program and I notice that some buttons are unavailable to me such as the ungroup button. I thought if I am in the free 15 trail all features are open so that I can see if I like the program and decide whether to pay into a montly option…
Please advise

Hi @Melissa1, welcome to the Forum,

Some options are only enabled with certain conditions. This is not a free/PRO limitation.

Try creating a group, then select this group and you will see that the ungroup will be available for you.

If you want to learn more about features, please watch this playlist on youtube - - in order to get the basics of Gravit Designer.

If you have any questions about specific features, you can either ask here or check the User guide here:

Ps: there is no monthly option, only yearly.