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Joining path nodes


I have done flowers using the shapes too! The thing is that give you pretty symmetrical flowers, which is lovely of course! However I am trying my hand at making similar petals, but still slight variations to resemble real flowers as much as possible.

Irregardless, I def. think we should have an easier way to connect points!

No question - this needs more love for sure.

We’re aware of this.

Basic question here, but how do you select two things at one time? I’m not able to as they are on different layers.
Secondly, if I just have 2 object, and use select all they are both highlighted. Then I right click, as per your instructions… and … nothing.

I’m new to Gravit and trying to decide whether to buy. I’d love to but can’t seem to get the basics. I’m used to AutoCAD but this isn’t doing what I want… though I feel it should.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Every object has it´s own layer but selecting more than one is easy via shift-click to add or subtract to collection or via rectangle-draw to select all what it´s touching:

Additional info:

I was testing it too cause I’m leaving adobe, and as I can see, they still don’t have that functionality

Not sure why you think it´s not there:


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Not sure what´s going on with the forum but my uploaded GIF is not showing up - instead I´m forced to register to an account at although I´m logged into this forum.
Any clue why this is?

Ellen, do you mean you see broken graphics on the forum?

I have had this for a few weeks now, can’t see any of the images, was fine before but now nothing. It’s very annoying

Not sure how you got around it, I looked at the link you included but unless you have an account there already you just get ‘Unauthorised’

I contacted Daniel. Let´t see if he can provide any info about what´s going on.
The GIF I uploade yesterday was this one, hosted now externally:
quick image upload

Thanks Ellen. I can see images when i’m at but as soon as i get to a topic page I can’t see even the ‘Gravit Designer Discussion’ image at the top of the page

The link you gave just took me to the PostImage page not a specific image, not to worry

this is ridiculous. The image was there after I had replied and now it´s gone again.
Here´s the link as text:
Maybe this will work.

That worked, so much easier when you can see the images :slight_smile:

Your gif’s are very helpful

Thank you.
I wished the forum again can handle these files. I don´t trust external image hosters as I lost hundreds of educational imagery the over the last 15 years for instance when they start to raise a paywall like imageshack or flickr or simply disappear from the internet without a sign of a warning.

That is always the worry with external hosts

Not being able to see images in the forums is diminishing its usefulness

We´re not alone and Daniel notified the dev team already. Hopefully it get fixed soon.
Stay well.

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We’re back. :slight_smile:

Cool! Thanks.

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