Gravit Designer discussion

Layers in exported SVG/PDF

Hello! I am using the free version of gravit designer, and I find it very nice and simple to use.

I have a problem thought: when I try to export a document to, say, SVG, the graphics is nicely rendered but the partitioning of the elements into layers disappears. Graphically this is not an issue, but I need layers in SVG for post-processing (eg. easily remove elements when printing, preparing presentations etc).

Is this feature available and hidden somewhere?

BTW. the solution of exporting each single layer via the small export tool at the bottom suffers another problem: the exported SVGs are trimmed according to the elements in the layer, and not to the entire document / slice.

Thanks in advance for any comment!


does it happen with pdf as well?

In PDF I have no proper way to check that layers are there, but if I convert the PDF to an SVG (I have tried both with a service online, with Mac OS printing dialog, and by importing into InkScape), then I see that the layers have dissappeared.

Note that this does not affect the visual rendering in any way (at least not in a way that I can detect), but affects the organization of the document, which sometimes is useful for postprocessing.

Any feedback would be very helpful here, thanks again!