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Licence of ICONS

Thank you for great design tools!

There are a lot of useful icons in LIBRARIES.
It looks great to design easily.
I would like to know the licence of them.

I find that some icons (it looks over 5,000) in LIBRARIES are selling in Icons8 or StockUnlimited.
They are belongs to Icons8 or StockUnlimited, aren’t they?

In previous topic,

you said that icons are license-free (we can use any purposes without credit).
It means that we can sell a design which includes your icons.
But it looks strange, because Icons8 and StockUnlimited are selling these icons in their website.

Have you already checked the license to Icons8 and StockUnlimited about we can use with license-free?

You can use all of the assets in our Libraries for free, no constraints. It’s true that Icons8 for example are selling their icons, but we made sure that you can still use them as you like in Gravit Designer, and in any designs you create.

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Thank you for quick and clear reply!
it’s reassuring to know that they are totally free.

I am using emojis from gravit library , Should I have to specify any Licence in the project .?

Gravit Designer and its assets are free to use, both for personal and commercial projects. Have fun! :slight_smile:

Ok Thanks :blush:

How about the attribution? said that:
“Use for Free, but Please Set a Link”.
The icons, sounds, and photos are free for personal use and also free for commercial use, but we require linking to our web site. We distribute them under the license called Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported. Alternatively, you could buy a license that doesn’t require any linking.

We have a special agreement with Icons8, that their icons can be used for free without attribution in Gravit Designer.

And modify, readapt, remix, transform, sub-licence as GPL and share (redistribute)?

Yes, Gravit users can use the icons however they want.

Hi mr Krammer ,my name is Alfitra from Indonesia i’m user of gravit designer ,so i have some problem when i use this software , if i download this software from website of gravit designer, i got an installer software of gravit designer in my computer so my question is ,can i copy and paste the installer to other computer…so they can use it (gravit designer). thankyou

i’m sorry if my english is not perfectly,

hopefully you can understand

Hi @fitra,

you can either copy your installation icon as you described or you can download the latest version directly from our website: