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Links and Menu Options Not Working

I am trying to access Gravit Designer and it will not let me access my cloud files. I can click on those options, but it doesn’t recognize that I am clicking. Many menu options are having the same issue. I am on version 1.3.1 and this is happening on multiple computers, and on both the web and desktop app. I sent a support ticket but have not heard back. I am on Windows 10 machines. I need access ASAP.

Hi Andy.
I´m not using Cloud files but I´m curious about your version number. Can you please check that again? Thanks.

Version 2020 - 1.3.1

I was able to get it to work by installing a Firefox browser and using that. I also was able to use Chrome Incognito mode. So it must be a cookie issue. In both cases, I seemed to have lost my imported fonts, which I can re-import.

It could be an extension in Chrome, you can disable all extensions and then enable them one by one to see what might be causing an issue. If you have recently added an extension try disabling that first

You can also try clearing cookies if you think it’s that but more likely an extension causing the issue I think

When you have issues it’s always a good idea to try it in incognito mode first as that disables any cookie or extensions

Hope this helps


Support tickets are generally answered in less than 24hs.

On the browser version, fonts are stored on the browser so if you have flushed cache, they were deleted. It is possible that some extension is causing the issue.