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Live/Real-time preview of dragging/transformation

Hey there, one of the frustrating problems I am facing is that when I drag an object or resize it, it shows just an outline of the process, if there would be an option to show the object instead of its outline, it would be great.
It would be very useful when editing path.
Here is an example, instead of just showing that outline, it would be better to show the actual object:

I can imagine that speed considerations (loss of snappy-ness) have led to this outline dragging/transforming.
High power PC’s wouldn’t have any trouble dragging/transforming a full object, low power webbrowser apps might.
So maybe this could be a configuration setting?

Yep, adding the option to settings where one can enable/disable it would be very satisfying.

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Thanks for the suggestion, we will see if we can bring this feature into future versions of Gravit Designer.


You still haven’t added this after three years…