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Loading Problems Again!

Seem to be experiencing the same loading problems with the cloud that we had a few weeks ago

It’s also affecting when trying to save

I have managed to load a couple of files but it’s taking multiple attempts and even when it does display the Corel Cloud contents it’s VERY slow

I thought this was fixed :frowning:

Messaged the dev team right now. Thanks for reporting.

Is it fixed?

Yes, thanks. It seems to be, I’m able to open files today although it still seems a little slower

It seems the dev team found a “new culprit” for the slowdown and now there is a new task for solving this one for good. but a quick fix has been already applied.

The other time it happened, was a different thing so they’re quickly identifying and fixing things as soon as we get reports.

Obviously, the goal is to completely prevent it from happening again.

Thanks for the update

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