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Local save then cloud access error

There is a problem after you save a file locally…

If you open a file from the cloud
Save this to a local file
Close the file and try to open the same file from the cloud again

You get the error “This file can’t be accessed” with request access or OK buttons

Interestingly the file contents actually appear behind the error message but vanish as soon as you press either button

The only workaround is to close Gravit and reopen it, then everything is fine again

I get this error on the Windows desktop and PWA versions running on Windows 10 both version 2022.i1.1

BTW your link suggested for reporting bugs now redirects to the general support page

Hi @techiekev,

Thanks for reporting. I’ll talk to the QA team about it.

About the link you mentioned, it is an expected upgrade.
Scrolling down, on the right, you can find the new “contact support” form.