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Looking for a coder to team up

I’m looking for a coder to team up with for plugin dev. Tried learning code many times, but my skills are really in marketing and communications visual design.

If anyone likes to team up and brainstorm, let me know.


Hi @Summerman glad to hear about your interest. If you are willing to try and dive into programming I can help you using our plugin architecture, aswell provide some examples so you can get started. Let me know if I can be of any help, thanks!

Hi @denner.erthal yeah I think giving it a try won’t hurt, maybe the framework you’re using connects with me and I’m able to build from that.

Cool, you mind sharing with me any of your ideas? I can give you a starting point or provide a simple example so you have something to base on. Also, basic documentation is coming soon, which you help everyone to build plugins :slight_smile:

Hi @denner.erthal,

I have 2 EXTREMELY GOOD ideas for the gravit team:

  1. Make a form of future ideas/request of a feature and users can vote a certain idea from the list and (the higher the votes the more it will be ‘considered to be a feature that gravit will include in next updates’) or/aslo
    have someone look through new suggested ideas and if your idea is being highly considered or being developed than you will notify the user or make ‘stats’ for the request so it wil make the user feel happy and its always good to give constant feedback :wink: (so hopefully the user will continue to send amazing ideas), and also if i have alot of ideas and alot of them have very high ranks (due to the amount of votes) than my profile will have a stat. of “amazing” and when I (the user) sends something it will have a bit more attention than others. You may not agree with everything i just said but defiantly this can result a very
    easy-to-use design app for pros and for not so much pros better than ALL (soon better than Sketch)

  2. it would be a lot easier if you have a function on the property tab that can set the frame size to the content inside for example, if I have a text box I can set the ‘blue outline’ to fit and exactly pixel to pixel
    so when you are arranger it it will be 100% accurate and the ability that if you want you can set an amount of padding from the actual text to the frame

I’m also a graphic designer, if you want i can help you do some good UI design (for free).

Best Regards,
Mendel G!

Hello @mendel123, interesting suggestions. I will pass them to our product manager. For the 2nd suggestion, by frame, you mean the page size, right? Aren’t you willing to try out our plugin architecture and develop a plugin for that? :wink:

Hi, yes, I’m thinking of a Perspective Tools plugin:

  • selecting the type of perspective; 1,2, 3 point
  • having the lines in different colors
  • being able to snap to the perspective lines
  • being able to snap/stay ‘on’ the plane corresponding the perspective line, so you can draw off the lines but it remains in perspective

Basically, something like LazyNezumi for Adobe, the Rulers function (scroll down for Ruler)

Gravit Designer already have Guide Lines, so, basically, you want to enhance the current Guide Lines to allow different colors, curved lines (that you can edit the way you want) and being able to use 3D perspective on that that, right?

@denner.erthal Thank you for your response!

When i said frame i meant the blue thing that outlines the object that you select
also, Im not really a developer but i do know some html and css…

By the way Gravit dosnt let me view .sketch im sure you are aware of that! :grinning:
Also a very useful tool that you can have a button that everything outside of the
cavans should not show.

@mendel123 ok, I got it, I will pass those suggestions to our product manager. Our Sketch Importer can just import .sketch files from 43+ version of Sketch, and we are also working on some bug fixes for it.
We already have Output View that will hide everything outside the canvas. You can find it on View -> View Mode -> Output View.


@denner.erthal Please notify me what your product manager said about what i said before.

Thank You,

So @denner.erthal Gravit is made with electron right? As mentioned in my initial post, I design, definitely not a coder. What do I need to do to design a beautiful UI? Can I just design it in Gravit? And then probably need to make slices of it? And then what, what exactly are the steps I need to do?

There are hundreds of frameworks and what not online, and they all say the same things, and none of them I understand. I don’t want to be a career programmer, but I want to be able to understand what exactly needs to be done, so I can fluently work with a coder. I just want to focus on UI and UX and purpose (as my background is marketing).

@Summerman Gravit has both electron and browser version, aswell chromeOs version. If I don’t misunderstood you, you just want to create a concept so a developer can work on it, right? You can use Gravit Designer for that and export that concept. But if you want to provide some UI on the plugin architecture for a developer to work with it, then you need to dive a bit into HTML, JS and CSS, at least the basics, and check our examples at:

Where we explore a bit of UI creation.

Hope that answer can fulfil your doubts.