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[Lost work? Check this thread] Lost all of my work even after saving as I went along


I see a few years back some people were having the same problem.

Although I saved my work periodically as I went along, I lost over 8hrs of work when I reloaded the page.

I reloaded it because sometimes not all of the imported features appear if brought over and once reloaded, they tend to show up on the page. Last night even after saving to the cloud as I went along, when I did the reload it, it was ALL GONE. (Additional 3 pages I had created and the completed work ).

Is there a glitch/bug?
Can someone recommend a safer way of saving your progress?

I thought cloud saving would be beneficial, but this wasn’t the first time this happened, just the worst experience so far.


I’m sorry about it.

Both browser and PWA versions have auto-save enabled and it should save your work every 5 minutes by default.

While it saves, you will notice a message, and you can learn more about auto-save feature here: - if you start designing and you do not save, GD will warn you after the first 5 minutes.

So you may have it either outdated or disabled.

Obs: the desktop version will be updated on the next release so both web and desktop will be at the same version.

Please note that sometimes, due to several possible extensions, configurations, and cache, even forcing the update, it is still necessary to clear chrome’s cache in order to update.

As I write this, the latest web version is 2020.1.3.3 so, if you are using the web/PWA version and it is not at this version, please try it on an anonymous window to check if it updates (anonymous window prevents cookies, cache and extensions).

You can check your version by clicking Menu > Help > Show welcome screen

If you have saved your work in the cloud, it should be there.

Please make sure you are using the exact same account - sometimes people have more than one account and they think they have lost the design. They use google login and then forget what email was used, then create a new account with another email, and then use google login again (yes, it happens).

So, if you are sure you are using the correct account and you have saved your work in the cloud and still you can’t find it, please reach our support, providing all the details asked on the support form and also, what exact filename was used so we can verify it.

When saving your work to the cloud, depending on its size/connection speed, it is possible that the saving takes a while. While GD is saving your file, you will notice an animation on the title.

If you close this window before the animation is finished, you will lose that save and unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it.

Note when you change something on your design, there is a *(asterisk) on the title. It means that the file is unsaved. So, it is very important to wait until the *(asterisk) disappears from the title after the animation is finished.

About your file, you can also check the version history:

And you can always save your work on your hard drive. On the browser version, it is Menu > file > Download File.


Yes, yes I too found it strange that nothing was being saved. I don’t know if it was a problem with the file itself or what. I will reach out to support, hopefully something can be recovered.

When it comes to saving, the dots, asterisks and the animation, I am aware of these things. As mentioned, this wasn’t the first time I lost my work, but those times I wasn’t sure how often I had been pressing the save button, just in case…

This time, I hit that button every time I made a major change. When I finally stopped it was about (27/11) 1:00am EST, but when I went to check the version history, the last saved version they had was for (26/11) 3:59pm EST.

I am very upset… So much work and time lost.

I will have to try keep periodic downloads of the file on my drive… Something I had been trying to avoid.

Ouch… I feel your pain. I save everything local with a time stamp

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Yep. Have to get creative with the saving.


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