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Mask & Inverse Mask

What happened to the mask and inverse mask options under blending in Gravit Pro?

Hi @eswany23, thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, the “Mask” options confused people more than they helped and they were also rarely used, so we decided to remove them for the sake of simplicity. May I ask what you used it for?

I have used them many times to add or combine elements from two or more images. Can you please add it back possibly at the end of the blending tools? Doesn’t make sense to remove them just because some people didn’t understand them.

We will consider it, thanks for the suggestion.

Please do. I understand optimizing the program for simplicity but that shouldn’t come at the expense of removing existing features that customers use. I believe more value will be added by offering more tools and features rather than less.

This program was great but removing the mask and inverse mask is a TERRIBLE idea. I create thumbnails and works with photography and use this feature in almost every project. There are so many ways in which it can be used it like hiding parts of a pictures, creating effects with text blending in and much more. Now I have to look for another program instead of using yours.


Thank you very much for implementing the mask and inverse mask options back into Gravit. It is greatly appreciated.

Fast forward 2 years and I’m wondering if the mask/inverse mask has been removed again? I was able to find it about 3 weeks ago but it seems to be gone. Can anyone help me?

Not sure - seems to work here:

@EllenM I don’t know what version you are using, I don’t have the mask & inverse mask options on any of the versions I’m using (Windows desktop, PWA or web) and don’t think I have ever seen them

Welcome Screen says:

Same as mine, this is weird, I kept going back and looking at your video and thinking why have I not got those options. Your on Windows or Linux?

Maybe i’m just missing something

@EllenM 's print is from the desktop version, 2020-1.2
It was removed on 2020-1.3.1 (web and pwa only) - l’ll check with the dev team to know more about it.

Forgot to add I´m on macOS. Version don´t has updater checker - so I even didn´t know it´s not the latest. :shushing_face:

Duh! Now I see it on my version, i forgot you need two objects selected to see it

Well, it seems that the mask will be removed from the next versions and it would only come back in a different, improved form. But there’s no ETA for that.

The reason for the removal: Mask & Inverse Mask

I’m sorry.

Those who have the 2020-1.2.1 desktop version can use the mask but as soon as this version is updated it will be removed as well (so, if you really need it, please keep a copy of the .exe somewhere).

Ok - I know how draw a compound shape to drill holes into raster images (as there is “Modify->Mask with Shape”) - but how would you go about in this case when the speedy “Inverse mask” blend mode is longer available?

I’m afraid you would have to create the mask, then a rectangle, subtract it, convert to path and only then use it as a mask. :frowning:

That is what I meant - and then I loose all my editable text - bummer.

It’s a very negative move to take away a feature just because it is miss-understood by some. Surely it’s a better option to try to educate people and let the people who use a feature continue to do so

Now I can see ways it could be used more I would make a lot more use of it. A workaround is not ‘create the mask, then a rectangle, subtract it, convert to a path and only then use it as a mask’ BUT you will lose things like editable text

And how do the developers know its not used a lot? Are there a lot of metrics being sent back on what we do or or don’t use?

Disappointed :frowning: