Gravit Designer discussion

Measuring plugin for Gravit Designer is almost done

Just finished the alpha version of my universal design measuring tool, Inker. If you used Zeplin before you will find it’s just like a local version of Zeplin for Gravit Designer.

With this, you can

  • measure the distance and size of elements
  • Copy CSS of elements
  • Copy text content of elements

Online version:

It’s not perfect, but I haven’t seen perfect tools in this kind, it’s almost perfect for me, and I’m continuous optimizing it. If it gets enough attention or demand, I’ll add more features, like desktop version, remote sharing, copy SVG icons, etc.


Thanks for mentioning your tool, looks neat. I just shared it with out audience on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks for sharing, the more users gives me more motivation to continue.

great ! copy svg icons, and hability to share an url with the svg could be perfect !