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Memory Issues & Memory Not Being Released

Is there a known issue with Gravit not releasing memory even when the file is closed?
Or memory just increasing as you edit until GD hangs or takes ages to do anything?

The situation is as a drawing is being edited the amount of memory Gravit is using increases (I have had it go to over 9.5GB!). When you close the file this memory is still being used up to 30 minutes later

If you just continue editing eventually GD does one of 2 things. Either it just gets slower and slower to the point yesterday when I clicked on a node or changed a value it was taking over 10 seconds for GD to respond. OR GD will just crash and you can’t do anything and you lose work. I am not using a low spec laptop

Currently, I am having to close GD multiple ties a day. Recently in one day, I had to save my file, close GD, reopen it and reload my file over 30 times. I admit I was doing some pretty heavy editing but no more so than I often have with previous versions. These issues seem to have been happening since the upgrade from 2021.i8 Win & 2021.i8 PWA

I’m using Windows 10 and these problems are happening with the desktop & PWA version

Hi @techiekev,

Thanks for your efforts to report this.

I’ll add this information to the internal task I’ve created when you first mentioned this: Sluggish Performance & Memory

I don’t know how it is possible to use 9.5gb as the maximum available memory for Chrome (in PWA case) I guess it is just 4GB. But I’ll let the devs know about it (I’m not a dev, this is my guess).

Thanks, Daniel. I didn’t know you had raised a task from that post

The 9.5Gb was in the desktop version, I don’t have screenshots for the PWA version but the memory went up high, probably around 4Gb. It’s harder with the PWA to track memory usage

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