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Merging Two Symmetrical Paths

I’ve searched this entire forum, and found request, after request, asking about merging two symmetrical paths. I have seen the requests going back years, with a moderator always responding they are aware of the issue, and will fix it - yet I see no solution to this problem even now? I am trying to connect to separate paths, I have tried doing it with 2 symmetrical paths, and have also tried it with just to separate paths, trying to connect points on one path, to points on another, to merge them together. However, no matter how hard I try (have used the reverse function), have tried every possible way, I still cannot find a solution. Does this mean even years later, Gravit has still not updated their program with this extremely basic, and clearly very popular and essential feature? I would be very surprised if that is the case, so if someone can enlighten me I would greatly appreciated, very frustrated at this point…

Hi @David5

Would you please provide an example/screenshot of what you are trying to achieve?

Try to merge these 2 path into 1 continuous path without any doubled nodes or breaking curvature:
Symmetry join.gvdesign (3.1 KB)

I guess you just have to nail the distance.

If your paths cross, you get a bad shape (first part)
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Then, always convert to path:
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No double points:
Shared with CloudApp

Obviously, this is a very simple example. More complex shapes can be more difficult to merge.

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I can´t get it to work. Whatever snapping I use.
Something more weird appears when making a duplicate:

Are you using 2021.i10?
(I’m using the web version with Chrome)

Yes - macOS all the latest.

Don´t know what to say; isn´t working on macOS and in Safari (I know it´s meant for Chrome,Edge etc excluding Safari).
I even can´t use Gravit without internet connection, because I have to log in before I can generate a new file.

I guess you are using an M1, but it SHOULD work. When you have the chance, please reboot and try it again. This duplicate issue is really weird.

Thanks for coming back to me. Yeah - It´s really frustrating - Get double points at the middle seam in Safari and same thing with the AppStore version. I tried everything I can think of; different zoom level, explicit snapping options, joining points etc. It´s such a basic thing I can´t get to work. Oh well - will try harder.

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Small progress. With the help of a guide I was able to maintain alignment.
But after all I´m left with some weird node at the top. It´s a single node with a corner node indicator. Making it symmetrical destroys curvature. I made 2 undos and saved again the file for you to check, if there´s anything unusual in there. lol
Symmetry join.gvdesign (3.0 KB)