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Middle mouse button behaviour on Linux

I’m using KDE neon, but I guess the problem persists on all or most of Linux distributions. On Linux systems middle mouse button click causes to paste contents of clipboard. This is apparently built-it behavior that can’t be switched off.
Because of that every time when I try to pan image with middle mouse button (and this is my built-in behavior that I want to keep) I get random pieces of text pasted into the document.
Probably easiest possible solution is to add option in settings to switch off automatic creation of a text object when a text string is being pasted. With such option switched on text could be pasted only into existing text objects. That would solve problem for me and probably for other people too.

Thanks for reporting.

This issue is already tracked here, see this thread for example:

I’m on elementary OS and this solved the issue for me:

sudo apt install xbindkeys xsel xdotool

Create a file called ~/.xbindkeysrc with the following contents:

"echo -n | xsel -n -i; pkill xbindkeys; xdotool click 2; xbindkeys"

Add the following line at the bottom of your ~/.bashrc to activate it the next time you log in:

xbindkeys -p

Then run the same command in the current terminal window as well to immediately activate it (xbindkeys -p).

You should now be able to middle-click drag without cluttering you canvas. :slight_smile: