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Multiple clipping objects with same content object

Hello there - does anyone know how to make one single object appear as the content inside multiple clipping masks? I need it to look as though the same large scale pattern is contained within multiple shapes.

I don’t think it’s possible to literally use the same object? So dupes are probably necessary,but I can’t think how to link them so that one iteration cannot be shifted without affecting the others.

Hi @Kate, I guess it would be easier to understand if you provide a few screenshots. of what you are trying to do.

For creating patterns, this is not the best approach. Please check this instead:

Sorry @Scofano, I should have added this screenshot in the first place!

The grid pattern which is contained in the green object is also used in all the other clipping objects with straight line content (obviously not the ones with curved lines…).

It is sometimes slightly edited so that for eg only the vertical lines appear.

I’ve achieved this by duplicating the grid pattern when creating each mask. But this means the grid pattern in one clipping object can sometimes slip, so that is no longer aligned with the adjacent clipping object.

Call me ignorant - but why do you need any clipping paths here?

Ah sorry, it’s a quilt pattern - when the design is finished, I pull it apart and add a border to each clipping object, so they need to be separate entities.

@scofano, I don’t think the fill idea will work because I won’t be able to line the grid up accurately with the other pieces and/or the objects. Do you disagree? Would be happy to be wrong!

My suggestion of the texture fill was before your example but now I understand that if you are aligning all pieces, it would be rather impossible to do that with texture fill.

I’m sorry, I’m still trying to understand the final piece. Have you got an example from the internet or any previous successful attempts that you can share?

I wonder if “Paste Style” can help?

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