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Multiple pages are glitchy

I have a couple of files that have eleven or more pages, and I’m seeing bugs I’ve never seen before in files that have had only one page, which I haven’t done for a while, hence the question.

For example, I can choose element X, modify it, then go to element Y, attempt to modify it, but the modifications for Y show up on X instead, so I have to undo, reselect Y, and redo the change, which then happens on the correct element.

Sometimes the blur slider gets stuck, or even can’t be chosen at all, even though I’m in the middle of adusting blur.

Sometimes I can two-finger-click (I use a Mac) on the blur slider to select blur borders or blur fill only, but sometimes the blur element menu doesn’t open.

Saving the file, then closing it and restarting fixes these problems, but I’m tired of having to stop my work because the app isn’t working properly.

There are other things like this that have been happening, but I think that’s enough to give you an idea.

My question is: is this a problem created by having a large and complex file with multiple pages, or are people seeing these kinds of glitches in files with single pages? Do I have too many pages in one file? If the latter, what is the maximum number of pages I ought to have in one file?

I’m seeing these glitches in one-page mode, so it’s not an issue of having all the pages open at once. I also tend to turn off layers I’m not currently working on, so it’s also not a question of having too much of the design open at one time.

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Hi @bergerac,

If you need a large document with lots of pages, my suggestion is to split this file into 2 or more parts to avoid issues. Gravit Designer has limited access to memory so the more elements/pages you have on your design, you notice less performance.

If you are trying to design a catalog, for example, you can export the parts and then join them using a service like:

I had already split the document into two parts (the original has 24 pages). The current document I’m working on has 12 pages, only 11 of which contain art (the twelfth is a note to myself with some text).

Since it’s an issue with too many pages, I need to know the maximum number of pages Gravit can handle in one file. Should I split the 12 pages into sets of six? Into sets of four? Less than four? I understand that I can aggregate these later, but since I’m designing a tarot deck that has 78 cards, the fewer individual files that I have to work with, the happier I’ll be.


Hi @bergerac,

Unfortunately, this is not possible to measure.
I mean, there is no maximum number of pages. It is the content that matters.

I believe you can create a document with 1000 pages if you have just text on it. But in case you have real complex vectors and high res images, 10 or less would be enough to cause performance issues.

I’m sorry, this is something you have to figure out while creating the document.

This is helpful, thank you. It looks like I might be better off with individual files for each card. Thanks again!

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