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My gravit files disappear from gravit cloud

When I log in today my files in gravit cloud disappear! It was like if the first time that I logged, but I used gravit since 2019! please I would like receive an answer. Thanks in Advance.

Hi @thebreakfast1002jw8e0,

This is just a guess, but you are probably logged in using a different email account. Try to log in (and reset your password) with other email accounts you may have and you’ll probably find out your files.

And try to do it using an incognito window on chrome so you will be sure that you are using the latest version (in case you are using a very old one).

Have you tried closing Gravit then reopening it and checking for your files again?

I did ever try everything and nothing works. Log in with another account, login with no google account…

It not even find my avatar picture, but when I log in in this forum it finds.

Those are different accounts.

In your attempts, did you try using the incognito as suggested?

Files on the cloud are NEVER deleted, unless you delete them yourself. So… they must be there, problem is to find out which account you used.

Can you recovery my files please?please Tell me you do i nerd só mucho!

The account always amnesiac. But now I can’t see my files. I’m using gravity online and before Works.

I’m sorry to ask you about this one more time but did you try incognito with chrome?

Yes I tried right now and my files are not there!

Please contact support: