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My screen goes all white

I am using Chrome 59 and the app is very sugglish and the screen goes blank all the time. Same for the compatible app on Windows.

That’s annoying, is it a problem from my computer/browser or the app itself? I switched to Internet Explorer and there is the same issue so I guess it’s from you guys.

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Goes blank when you start the app or when you are doing something?

When I actually work on it.

is there a way to reproduce it?

maybe some where there is a bug that caused this.

It goes white ALL the time. That’s crazy.
Online it says: “there is an issue to show the page.” And on the windows version it goes white and does not work anymore…

can you show us a video on this?

i think we need to fix it asap.

I also saw this frequently when working in the designer on Chrome 60 as well as on the Windows desktop app v3.1.3 while working on a wireframe with multiple pages and multiple complex objects. It happened routinely when opening the file as well. All of the object seemed to still be there. They showed up correctly in the PNG export, but refused to show on the screen.

Ummm, maybe a web-gl crash is happening due overload.
After reboot the computer and open Gravit again you can see the objects?

Unfortunately a reboot doesn’t fix this, nor does opening the same file on a different computer.

@ElizerNdinga @churchs19 Could any of you please create a video that shows the behavior?

I’m experiencing the same issue. Just recently started using Gravit. It’s a multi-page file with large images en some complex shapes (logo). It started after importing a large image and pasting it in a rectangle. Here’s a video:

Hope this helps!

Small, but not unimportant addition: I really need to work on this file, since a client is eagerly awaiting my banner designs for the start of their 30k campaign…is there any way to revert to an older version of the file and to continue from there?

The link is expired, can you send it again?

There you go:

Does this also happen if you try it on the browser?

In the browser I get this error after trying to open the file:

I think it might have something to do with the size of the imported images, the’re 27 and 28mb jpeg’s and it started shortly after importing the 2nd image.

Could you please send our account details to, including the filename. I’d like to investigate.

Thanks everybody for reporting, we are currently investigating this problem.

Hi @everyone, those issues are happening when there are big images on the design. Currently, Gravit Designer doesn’t handle big images very well, but we are working to improve it aswell improve the general performance of the app. In the meantime, if a big image is being uploaded and resized to a smaller size, you can export the resized image in 3x it’s size, for example, and replace the original one by the new one. It will make the image smaller and it will continue with a good quality for the size you are working on, as you can see on the gif below. Hope it helps avoiding those issues while we look for a definitive solution on it.

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Hi, I can see that there’s no update on this topic since September.

I’m using the Gravit Designer desktop app on Windows 10 and I’m getting the same issue that can be easily reproduced by:

  1. trying to select lots of items using “Select by FontType”;
  2. trying to change the font of several items at the same time after selecting them (manually, for instance).

The app freezes a bit and then the screen goes white.

I must enforce that there are no large images in my design, just plenty of svg icons, text and regular shapes.
This is important, because editing simple templates is a part of design and testing fonts as well.

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Rick Cardoso