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Need guide about New UX of Gravit changes

Can anyone guide me how this new UX works? Where can I see my designs and notifications? I am not able to see any likes or ‘karmas’ which was all there on my designs earlier in the older interface. I tried to muddle for 5-10 minutes but it sounds annoying as everything is changed.

This is a drastic change which I am not liking at least as of now. It was easy to understand interface earlier and now it is more complex. I have no idea where can navigate and for what. I can’t even see/edit my profile.


I’m very sorry that the recent changes are confusing for you.

You can open all of your previous designs from “Open from Gravit Cloud” in the start screen, unfortunately it’s not possible to see the likes or karma at the moment, but these features will come back in the future. For the moment you also can’t edit your profile, but you can see the logged in user in the top right of Gravit Designer.

Hope that helps. If there’s anything else you need assistance with, please get back to us.

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