Gravit Designer discussion

Need more shortcuts

hello ,most of time i use softwares in full screen mode , and in gravit i cant access to some panels like inspector …


A huge boost in keyboard shortcuts is already on our list.

Which shortcuts are you missing specifically? Or better said, which tools do you want to access with keyboard shortcuts in particular?

in full screen mode , tools are OK, but the problems is " Panels " i cant access them by keyboard for example “inspector Panel” and “Layers Panel” .

Yeah, that’s right. There will be dedicated keyboard shortcuts in the future. For now, toggling full screen with Alt + Enter mode should also work to show these two panels, right?

By the way, in fullscreen mode you will never be able to access the Layers or Inspector panels, even with added shortcuts. It will only work to show/hide them in normal mode.

I would like to add to this that the path modification submeny in modify -> path is quite cumbersome to work with, especially, if i need to access those commands constantly, so assigning hotkeys to them would also be a huge timesaver

In the future, you will be able to define custom shortcuts.

For now, which key combination do you have in mind for the various commands? And which ones would you need most? We could add earlier.

“Fit Selection” needs a shortcut.
For “zooming” into the current selected layer.

Thanks for your suggestion, this is already on our roadmap.

Was shortcut management already implemented?