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New Auto-Save feature - 2020-1.3.3

Hi there,

I didn’t get any feedback about the new auto-save feature so I decided to create another topic with a few questions. Please reply if you have the time.

What do you think about the new auto-save feature?
Does it work reliably?
Did you find any issues so far?

Thanks in advance

Hi David.
I didn´t update because you said Blending-> Inverse Mask was removed. Is there still an equivalent to that feature?


I also said that it was back (thanks to your (not just yours, you know, all users) feedbacks) here: Mask & Inverse Mask

(That’s why user feedback is so important) :wink:

Yes, user feedback got a win on that one :slight_smile:

Regarding the auto save feature. I had been meaning to give some feedback on my experiences

It is working, however, For me…

  • I’m getting a lot of times when it tells me it can’t save as I’m offline, yet I know I am online
  • It feels like sometimes when it’s doing an auto save (especially with the above problem) that GD just freezes for a short period (30 seconds or so) which is annoying when your busy working
  • It has helped me at least twice to recover some lost work so that’s a bonus

Hope this helps

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Thank you. I guess I didn´t fully understand:

Please check the PWA version

as I have just the maxOS desktop version and not PWA. So does that mean it´s available on macOS also?

The desktop version (2020-1.2.1) is a little outdated comparing to the web/PWA Version (2020-1.3.3). I mean, the latest changes were pushed only to the web versions.

PWA version is available for all operating systems and the desktop versions will be updated soon (no ETA yet).