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New PWA version - Download File

With the new PWA version, the save to local file has been replaced with ‘Download’

How do you specify where you want that file to download to? Also, are the downloaded version and the cloud version still synchronised?

Right now when I use ‘File / Download’ the file just gets dumped into my downloads folder. I need to save it into my file structure for all my designs, the same place where I would save any exported versions of the file

hi @techiekev

in the web app, just “Download” is working, “Save to local” file won’t work in the PWA, just like in the web app.

“are the downloaded version and the cloud version still synchronised?”

Yes they are.

OK maybe i’m missing something…

I tried to update the desktop version, it shows downloading then “Failed to update the application, please try again later!”. Is there a problem with updating the desktop version or should we now all be using the PWA version instead ?

I tried the PWA version because the desktop would not update and as it says on the changlog “Furthermore, the PWA is kept up-to-date automatically” which seems like a great addition and a potential reason to use that instead of the desktop version

When a file is downloaded and then moved to another location is it still synchronized?

I did briefly see the first version of your reply! I do understand your all working hard to make a great application, it is great in my opinion, it also has some things that need fixing/improving. That’s why people report possible problems, to help you

In order to help us to find out what happened with your update after it fails, please go Help > Support > Send developer details (it should generate a log)

But in order to solve it, please uninstall this version and update your desktop version (if you like) directly from our website:

I’ve spoken to one of the devs about the sync. They told me the cloud reference doesn’t include your local path (files on your machine), so it doesn’t matter where you save the file, it will keep the cloud reference. So, yes, you can move your file wherever you want.

I’ve to add that your local file (for security reasons) will never be touched and when you open a local file, whose cloud version is different, you will see a pop up like this: so you may choose what to do.

The reason I’ve edited my answer is that I was consulting them and choosing where you want to save your files is one of the things to come, in future versions, but not now. I also quoted this part from the changelog:

We are already working hard to bring the other features you are used to from the regular desktop app to the PWA too, like system fonts and saving right to your local file system (currently, you just have the File → Download option, like in the web app). Stay tuned!

We appreciate your feedback.

Log file sent to you & uninstalled & reinstalled desktop version and all working fine now

Thanks for explaining the file sync. For my workflow, I work with files saved to the cloud (the version history is very handy sometimes) until a design is finished, then I download a local copy along with exported SVG, PNG etc

So from what you explained if I later decide a design needs additional work I should open the local copy because that WILL sync to the cloud version. If I opened the cloud version my local copy would be out of date unless I open the local file and get the sync screen to update it or I remember to save as a local file again

Many thanks for your help Daniel

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