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New Release - Version 2021.i3 βeta

Version 2021.i3 βeta
May 24, 2021

The Beta version can be accessed at Please note that it may contain bugs and we do not recommend using it for production work!


Improvements to the file-sharing workflow:
Now it’s possible to open shared files through File > Share > Open Shared File in the menu bar, or on a file tab’s context menu. A dialog opens where the shared file link can be used.

  • With this, it’s now also possible to open multiple shared files at once, without the need to open a new window or tab.
    A tooltip with the collaborator’s email and role is now shown when hovering over the user’s avatar and name.


  • Fixed an issue where a CMYK was converted to RGB after saving the file.
  • Notification emails are sent as expected again.
  • Fixed an issue with JPEG exporting on MacOS.

Version 2021.i2
May 24, 2021


  • An option “Request New Feature” was added to the Help menu, allowing users to make feature requests.
  • Experimental feature: System fonts are now available in the web app and PWA in Chrome. To enable them, please enter chrome://flags/#font-access in the address bar and switch to “Enabled”. We don’t recommend using this feature for any production work. Please contact our support team if you experience any problems or you have feedback.
  • Multiple performance improvements.
  • Bugfixes
  • Fixed a problem with saving local files using the desktop app on MacOS.
  • Fixed an issue with a multipage document not opening on Microsoft Edge and some iPad browsers.
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