Gravit Designer discussion

New Release - Version 2021.i5

New Features

  • Paste and Replace command.
    • This new option works with multiple selected elements, replacing them with the clipboard content while respecting the X and Y coordinates of the selected elements. Please see this video:
    • Can be used for multiple copied elements. Please see this video:
    • This command works with any element (single layers, groups, symbols, text, etc).
    • It can be found in menu Edit > Paste > Paste and Replace, with the shortcut Alt+Ctrl (or Cmd)+V.

Performance Enhancements

  • Improvements to the performance of the app.


  • Fills can now be used with images, in the same way, it’s used with vector objects.
  • The option to install the PWA application is now available for Microsoft Edge as well. If an incompatible browser is used, a message is displayed, warning the user.


  • Login via Facebook works as expected again.
  • Files shared through private guest invitations work as expected again.
  • Fixed an issue where access to a file was lost when it was saved while working on another file.
  • Fixed an issue with the loading of textures on the Unsplash library.
  • Fixed some issues with the MacOS desktop application.

My version still tells me I´m up-to-date. Do macOS users need to manually update - if so how?

In case it doesn’t update by itself (when downloading from the app store, for example, it takes a while until Apple releases the latest version due to their own process of review) you can do a manual update by downloading the latest version from this link:

Thank you Daniel. Updated and running. :smiley:

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