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New version (2020-1.3.1)

I see the web version is now at 2020.1.3.1 but there is nothing in the changelog about it

Can you tell us what’s new or fixed in this version?

Also, will this get into the desktop version?

Thanks, Kevin

Hi Kevin, the changelog is now updated.

Thanks Daniel, those are some great new features and so glad to see some of the bugs fixed especially the cloud download problem

Of course you know my question now is going to be IF and WHEN these changes will make it into the desktop version? I did see the comment on the changelog ’ All of the following is only available in the web app and the PWA’

However, does this mean that you will now be having different platforms with different feature sets?

Thanks for your feedback.

Unfortunately, my answer to the “when” question is: **we don’t have an estimated date yet because we’re still adjusting a few things.

They are different now, but they will be merged on the desktop version soon**. :slight_smile:

Thanks Daniel, Just needed to know they will align again soon

The whole team has obviously been busy :smiley:

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