Gravit Designer discussion

New Version 2020-1.3.2

I didn’t realise Daniel’s post about Mask & Inverse Mask blending modes being re-instated in the PWA version was notification of a new version being released. Maybe a few others did not realise this too

A couple of nice improvements added and some small bug fixes

I must admit I was hoping for some more bug fixes, I have reported quite a few stretching back months that I consider quite important, perhaps we will get lucky in the next version

We’re on 2020- now. :slight_smile:

Everything that is reported is taken in consideration by the dev team when planning the next release but unfortunately, I can’t talk about priorities as each task has its own complexity and some times, in order to fix a minor bug, you have to fix a bigger one first.

Thanks @Scofano want to give us a hint as to what changed in the 3.2.2 release?

Having worked in software for many years I understand the planning can be complex, although some bugs are serious enough that ultimately there is little choice in having to fix them fast. Like if it’s related to how you incorrectly render an existing SVG file or issues with file management on your cloud storage

v2020- was a quickfix for an issue with viewing folders on the cloud. A few users reported they couldn’t see them all.

I hope you keep also updating the normal version and not only the PWA version, seen the fact that I live on places with crappy wifi…


It will, soon.