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Newer version in the cloud, or is it!

Do others also get this issue?

You open a file from the cloud. You start to work on it… Then autosave pops up a window saying…

“There is a newer version of this file in the cloud. Should it still be saved or do you want to reload? Please note reloading may lose progress”

If you reload you WILL lose progress because you are working on the latest version and you have made changes.

This does not always happen but it happens often enough to be very annoying. I think tt’s been like this almost since autosave was introduced some time back

Hi @techiekev,

Thanks a lot for the feedback.

I have never received a report about that before but from the top of my head, this kind of thing happens when you have both your files saved on the cloud and locally and they try to sync each other. But as you mentioned you have started a new file, this wouldn’t be the case.

Unless it is related to the backup file feature…

Would you please check if turning this on/off makes any difference (edit>settings)-

I get that as well.

Hi @Cassandra,

Please check the backup feature as well and if you have the time, write back to tell me if this solved the issue so I can forward to the dev team.

Typically I don’t have files saved locally until they are complete then I save locally and export svg/png etc. So usually the only copy is in the cloud. I may have worked on it on another device and saved then go back to my laptop to continue working on it later/the next day. But I’m always opening the latest version from the cloud and starting to work on it then this popup message appears. It’s not always, I can’t say what steps to do to make it happen

I didnt say it was a new file, its always with an existing file as far as I can remember

Backups were set to off, I have turned them on, will see if/when this happens, it could be a while, its not every day or every time

At least i’m not thee only one Cassandra

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