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No Custom Brushes?

The ONLY thing wrong with Gravit is that there are no custom brushes a la Illustrator. This leaves us basically no options as designers. I can’t stress enough how important this feature is for this program to actually be useful.

Am I missing something?

Hi @ashbplace, welcome to your forum and thanks for the suggestion.

Brushes aren’t available in Gravit Designer yet, but there’s high demand from the community, so we aim to implement them as soon as possible.

Could you please tell me how you intend to use brushes? Which type of design do you want to create? We want to find out as much as possible about the requirements for brushes of our users so that we can implement this feature in the best possible way.

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Hi @christian.krammer, I’m also waiting for the brushes!

I want to draw graphics for their games. In the style of Edmund McMillen.


In which way do you want to use brushes? To alter the width of lines, or to create different textures? The more you can tell us about the intended usage, the better.

Hello! I also need Custom Pattern Brushes in GravitDesigner to make awesome illustrations. i have also provided a video link to tell how i want to use it.
Video Link - Please add this awesome feature.

Thanks for chiming in, but I’m sure if this will be covered by our implementation of brushes. I’m noted it, though.

Can you tell me when you will bring this feature please i need this feature.

I’m sorry, I can’t name a release date at the moment. It’s on our list of features we would love to bring to Gravit Designer, but we also have a bunch of other feature request to work on.

Not sure if I can speak for the other designers / illustrators, but when I illustrate, I create a custom brush (something that tapers at either end, usually) and then use that to make a series of tapering strokes with… basically as one would use a calligraphic pen. It’s really only the one brush for me as I specialize in flat characters, but I suppose other folks may like to be able to create a brush from any vector shape (or I suppose one day combination of shapes) - this could then be stretched along the path (as I use it), or repeated along the path with the stroke size affecting the individual repeating objects (imagine a chain)… hope that helps. Love what you’re doing, Adobe can suck my n*ts.


Thanks for the suggestion, @DanaBotha, we will keep this workflow in mind.

Hello, my students and I would also love custom brushes! Specifically, we’d love to have calligraphy style brushes that taper and have variable width, as well as perhaps some different textures that achieve a “dry brush” effect, or a chalk effect, for example.


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