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Not printing whole image

When I print my image it only prints out half the image. What do I do to fix this

Hi @Nlucero,

How the mickeys are formed? A font? did you manually align one by one? Please try to select them all and right-click > convert to path and try it again.

Before printing, try to export a PDF file in order to check if the image is correctly rendered.

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Actaully the ones that are PATHS are the ones not printing out all the way. Also the image was bought off Etsy

Are they visible when you export a PNG file or a PDF? Have you tried printing the exported file (if you can see the whole image) instead of printing right from Gravit?

So exporting it to PNG didn’t work, when I printed it just printed a blank page but exporting to PDF worked!! It printed everything out but when I press it it comes out brown and not black which is the problem I’m having on all forums I try to print on.

If you can see the files as PNG and PDF, then it is possibly some issue with your printer cartridge or configuration.

I’ve an HP printer of my own that even with the black cartridge full and new, it says I don’t have a black cartridge attached so it tries to print using the color cartridge, which results in some odd colors and sometimes, just like yours, it doesn’t print at all.

If you want to do a test, change your design color to blue and try to print it again. If it prints, then it is 90% chance the culprit your black cartridge/printer.