Corel Vector discussion

Now I can no longer tolerate the standstill

I think you should use your energy to argue that we are not wasting our time with our subscription in here. I’m not convinced by the talk a year ago that something big is coming. I don’t even believe that something small is on the way.

So little has happened with this app over the last few years, and especially in the last year, that I often think about saying goodbye. The updates that have taken place have been bug fixes or other things. Nothing new has happened otherwise. There’s nothing new in here either - almost no life either.

I spend all my time in other apps and programmes on tablet and PC, and even forget Corel Vector for months on end. But the terrible gradient editor and the lack of more tools has pushed Corel Vector completely out of my workflows, and when I have migrated the last projects out of the cloud storage, there is no reason to pay more.

So… I need something more concrete now than “there are plans” or “something is in the works”. All I see is an old product on life support.

The free version was great. But after couple of years with the pro, I realised that was awful for the price, laggy with large files and limited, nothing has changed and the web based version is slower at least for me. Moved to Affinity couple of months ago and can’t think why I didn’t move before.

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