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Optimize click inputs for width/height when you create a new file

When I would like to define width and height for a new file, It’s a little difficult to enter to the input.

See that :


You could just hit ‘Create’ which will make an infinite canvas and afterwards go into the page settings and enter your sizes

Not so here: When the doubled-arrow cursor appears it´s just click+drag vertically up+down and “tab” for the next entry field or single click to enter numbers and “Enter” to generate.

But I wouldn’t want to enter values by draping up/down but simply clicking once and entering the value without having to click again to enter the input.

Hi @thomasbnt,

What is the Gravit’s version number?

You don’t have to click and drag. You can just click in the 1st field and enter the width then press Tab or click in the 2nd field and enter the height then click ‘Create’

Either click+drag - or single-click&enter/tab/next value-enter-done. Not necessary to hit “Create” here.

True, was just going for clarity :slight_smile:

Hello sorry for this late response. The version is Version 2021.i12.1 Web

Try incognito, you may have an extension messing with the input.

Okay I found the option to disable that.