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PDF page boxes are incorrect

Bug: when exporting a PDF for print, the PDF page boxes are defined incorrectly.


  • A4 document: 210x297mm
  • Bleed: 5 mm

Exporting to PDF from the Gravit Designer desktop app (macOS), the page boxes were defined as:

  • MediaBox (mm): 220.0 x 307.0 (0.0/0.0/220.0/307.0) CORRECT
  • BleedBox: 205.0 x 292.0 mm (5.0/5.0/210.0/297.0) INCORRECT
  • TrimBox: MISSING

Expected behavior:

  • BleedBox should be 220.0x307.0 (0.0/0.0/220.0/307.0)
  • TrimBox must be defined as 210.0x297.0 (5.0/5.0/215.0/302.0)

As I’m sure you already know, the PDF page boxes are required for printing. The TrimBox and the BleedBox are especially important because they define the finished page size and the bleed size. Setting them incorrectly can cause major headaches when sending files to print.

I’m using the latest desktop version of Gravit Designer (2019-2.4) on macOS 10.14.6.

Is this bug ever going to be fixed? Exporting a correctly generated PDF file is crucial for print design. What’s the point of setting a bleed in the app, if that bleed is not exported correctly in the PDF?

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hi @Tudor,

I’ve forwarded this thread to our developer team for fixing.

Thanks for reporting.