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Perspective distortion

In many cases it is nessesary to transform objects in perspective. It would be very useful if Gravit has Perspective distortion tool a.k.a. Free Transform


You mean like the Distort tool in Fireworks?

@lim.chunwui exactly!

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I just had the need for this …

Still on our roadmap. :slight_smile:


Hello! Any news on the subject? Hope we have the next update?

I’m afraid there are no news here and there are also no plans at the moment to implement this feature. But it is still on our list of improvements we want to approach sometime in the future.

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OK thank you. I look forward to this feature.

I found out how to do a perspective distortion by grabbing the anchor points I need by pressing transform and adjusting the sides up and down

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I think smart objects would be a better direction for choice. Similar to how PS has it.

Nothing response yet!?
Corel focusing on copy web technology from Gravit to CorelDraw.App (online like gravit)

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It is already filed on our Roadmap but I don’t have an estimated time for this, unfortunately.

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It’s been over 2 years since this feature has been requested. Is there any hope of this ever coming to fruition? I can appreciate that this software is open source, so I’m grateful for the fact that it’s free.

However, perspective distortion is pretty commonly needed in graphics design and it’s quite a surprise how hard it is to get this feature.

For anyone looking to accomplish distortion of text to path… Gimp does this, and it is open source.

I know they are different things, but just to be sure:

That’s kinda what I was looking for. I also wanted to distort the perspective. Which is more what I meant. Like this…


I´d say"Bulge" can do;

And Inkscape will do it vector-based while in Gimp you need to convert the distorted raster image selection to path.


You missed something. The problem isn’t the curve… it’s the perspective. You didn’t change the perspective. Merely curved it.

[quote=“JustinRusso12m1qp, post:19, topic:182”]
The problem isn’t the curve… it’s the perspective[/quote]
I wonder where the extrusion came from - this is not an ordinary perspective distortion alone.

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I guess it can be done using a second layer with a black fill and a little scale.