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Photo Export Quality Issue

I am trying to export an image that I have worked on and I am having some issues, and I only have one day left of the trial before I decide whether or not to move forward, and this is an incredibly critical part of that decision. As I said, I am attempting to export an image I have worked on, however, when I exported the image the first time, the PNG file had a huge loss of quality. I went back and tried multiple file types, yet nothing changed. I also now noticed that the “preview” shown on the export screen also has that loss of quality, though in my actual project everything looks perfect?? What is the issue here?

Hi @David5, hard to say without seeing the project. Would you please share it?

In the paid version I can set png to 300 dpi, maybe disabled in the trail version?

Exporting using 300dpi is a PRO feature.