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Plugin Development subforums


I think there should be subforums. Right now it might not be necessary, since plugin dev is in its infancy, but when it takes off, I’d be useful to have these (actually I think there are useful right now as well):

  • Plugins
    • Development (Questions about the API)
    • Feature Requests (for the API)
    • Bug Reports (for the API)
    • Show Room (A place where to announce or show plugins one has created)


Thanks for the great idea. However, at the moment it doesn’t make sense yet, as you agree, as plugin development is just in its infancy. But as soon as we will have a plugin infrastructure and a proper documentation, namely when many people will start to actually develop plugins, there’s no way around more specialized categories in the forum.

Another cool thing for the community would be a discord server or slack?

I mean live help and closer community chatting around and helping each other out?

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You are absolutely free to create either. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacities for live help at the moment and in my eyes, something like that only makes sense when we have actually published the plugin platform.

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