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Precise Ruler Guides

I’d love to see ruler guides get some extra precision. Ex: in Fireworks, when you set a ruler guide, you can double-click on it to bring up a dialog for the exact x/y value you want the guide to be placed.

In Gravit, it’s tough sometimes to place the guide at the exact point you want it. If you’re trying to set it on 200, you sometimes sit there toggling between 199 and 203, and find it almost impossible to drag the ruler onto exactly 200.

Yeah, you can zoom in/out, but unless I missed something, this would be a good add to bring some extra precision to setting your guides. Right-clicking on the guide to bring up an option to set the guide manually would be ideal.

In addition being able to lock guides would be great too.

Would you please add those details here?

Added @Scofano

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