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Probably too small Tool Icons on Canvas

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M1 Mac/BigSur Gravit Designer Version 2021.i13

To me it seems Gravit Designer uses just a 16x16px icon size for its tools on the canvas. Looks odd.
Is this normal?

Do you have a 4k monitor?

Kind of; UHD scaled to 2550x1440. Is this a side effect? Cursor outside canvas looks normal nice and clean. No big deal in the end.

I’m asking because I have a full hd and I can see it clearly. Gotta ask someone to test it on a 4k (or similar).

I guess because of its development I can´t find any Icons in the app package.
Here´s a comparison of native (cursor) and tool icon:

They look like they are the same size (at least on the gif).

Yes - same size but same resolution?