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Problem with Text in Gravit desinger

  • Windows 11
  • *Gravit Designer 3.5.73 (PC app)
  • !problem
  • A video showing the issue.
  • The .gvdesign file, where the bug can be replicated. In the web app, you can get the .gvdesign file from File > Download File…, in the desktop app from File > Save to file…

I have started using Gravit desing (Free version) and I was excited, but there were some problems when writing text. The text is illegible in places, but after deleting the word with the problem, for example, the problem appears somewhere else.

Hi @JanaPokorn,

What is the language you are using? Does it happen only with a specific font or all fonts? Have you tried NOTOSans?

Hello, thank you for reply. I use the Czech language. Usually the problem occurs in a few words in the text (not only when working with the program but also when exporting to e.g. png). I also tried NOTOSans, but the problem appeared also.