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Process for High Quality Logo Export

Hello :wink:

I’m hoping someone can point me to the best processes to export high quality logos. I’ve been reading the other discussions - one referred to checking the retina option - which I don’t see available. Some recommendations on other forums suggest flattening, zooming to 200 percent, etc.

Basically, I would like to create a logo in Gravit and export to png without pixelation when it increases size on different monitors, like a 27 inch imac. Do I need to pop into Photoshop to resize or something? Use another optimization app? Snap to something in particular? Change my unit from pixels?

I know it’s me and not Gravit and I’m sure there are multiple ways to get the job done since I’m sure this is a oft-used feature, but if someone could link me to the best process practices, I would appreciate it.

I have a pro license and am using the cloud app, so all features are available to me.


Hi Karen1.
I think in essence you need to set up your document to 2560x1440px (27" iMac Display resolution) and when it comes to export to set it up to “2x” which generates a Retina-Display size of 5120x2880px image:


Thank you again Ellen! I will give that a whirl, but I’m wondering how I resize it to fit as a logo. Maybe it will be evident when I’m actually able to do it on the website :). It seems like there needs to be another process to create the correct size, while maintaining the sharp lines. I was resizing with a Macbook pro but it resamples the pixels and ends up looking pretty bad.

From what I know macOS don´t accept SVG as a Desktop-image file (just tested on 2011/iMac/HighSierra), but if you look at the screen images that come with each release they´re damn sharp at Retina resolution and up to 27MB file size (Zebras.jpg).
I guess you want to avoid any interpolation; so better use the native resolution of your MBPro or it´s Retina-resolution pendant if available.

I’d like to add that there are some technical limitations that don’t allow you to export images above 4000px/141cm/55.55in at 300dpi.

Thanks for the hint Scofano - but I think it don´t make sense to generate a higher resolution than the device can handle or expect.
Exporting for printing purpose is of course another story. But user often forget that the larger the image the lower the dpi can be.

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