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PWA (I Cant Impor/Export/Open offline file) Kubuntu 22.04

Hi, i try Corel Vector PWA in all of my browsers (Chrome and Edge) in Kubuntu 22.04 and i cant Import or open a local file from menu dialog, the next window dont apper… (if i drag and drop it works, but… i want import from menu dialog)
If i use Firefox without PWA all of things works fine.

Chromium : nothing happens when trying to open local file
Brave : it opens the dialog (not remembering latest path), but won’t open select .gvdesign file

It doesn’t seem to load local fonts either, what a regression …

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same issues here: can’t access local file system on a machine running fedora, different browsers.
this should be fixed urgently …

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Well… Corel Company and they say: We dont Have Linux testers…
Well, here we are, FREE Linux tester.