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Hi Gravit!

I’m using Gravit for some time now, and really Iove the software. And when I like something and get accustomed with it, I feel a curiosity and would like to know some more details about it. It’s quite natural for an human, right?

I could’n find any info on the site about Gravit. So can you please disclose, who are you, the team behind Gravit? Why did you decide to make free software? What drives you?

I appreciate for your hard work of making the great software, thank you guys.

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Hi Alexey,
i share your thoughts, as i had the same questions, so i did a little digging.

Make no mistake the team behind Gravit are not who they say they are.
I have discovered that they are in fact the Illuminati.
The sinister plan is to take over this vector world of ours, with delicious free software, getting
us poor users hooked on this evil program.

I think one of the team is not human at all, he is a lizard! (badum)

I will stop now revealing all of this, i think they are watching every key stroke i make…scary stuff,
Cheers and be safe folks,


Gravit is sort of like Gimp GNU, but for vector editing. Both are fairly small in regards to developer teams. The only difference I have found is in regards to their source code handling. Gimp is full fledged open source. Gravit on the other hand is not open source, though it is because of their business model, that Gravit is able to stay free. If it were open source, the model would not work. Yet like gimp, it does allow for full on plugin development and will soon start introducing some plugins for all of us to use. Like you I also thought this was to good to be true. (Especially after trying “Vect"r which was promoted to be an illustrator replacement all over the Mac Appstore a while back.) Regardless though, this team is very open to ideas and suggestions. If you go to their FaceBook page and scroll down a bit, one of the posts on their will be titled, “What would you love to see most in Gravit Designer?” Honestly, I can’t even begin to imagine Adobe doing that sort of thing.” That goes to show you how open they are to your thoughts. So if you feel like something should get added into Gravit thats currently not there, don’t be afraid to ask. Same goes for questions like the one you have asked, bugs, and just about everything.

The definition of a stupid question is one thats never asked, as my friend once told me.

To help answer you question a bit better, here some links to other questions like yours that you might find helpful.


Thank you, @Toni89.

I’ve tried Vectr, too. Both the tools are free, but the difference is huge.
Slow pacing for a free project is totally understandable. That’s why I wandered what drives Gravit team, so that in a short time we suddenly got so solid and free tool.

Your links make it more clear for me, thanks!

PS. Vectr is decent tool, too, and definitely has its niche. I just compare the tools through the lens of my needs.

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Sure, I can give you some background information. Basically, the journey started in 2011, when Alex, the founder, had a bet running with his friends, that something like Photoshop isn’t possible in a web browser. Well, after 6 weeks the first Alpha version was ready, which already allowed to draw and displays things, so I guess Gravit Designer was born. :slight_smile: From there on things improved steadily and more people came on board to help with the app.

Our mission with Gravit Designer is to enable everybody to be a designer, independent of state or location. That’s why we offer it for free and on basically every platform. Currently, licensing our rendering engine to other companies allows to do all of that for free, but we also have some plans for the future, like a paid Pro version and marketplace.

Me, I’m now with Gravit Designer since June 2017, originally as an Evangelist, but now responsible for the entire Gravit Designer as a product owner. Please let me know if you want to learn more.


Thank you for sharing these details!