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Re-Linking Linked Images


  • Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS
  • Gravit Desktop 2019-2.7

I have been using linked images in Gravit Desktop on my current project. This morning I had to move the main directory that contains all of my work. No files/locations were changed inside the directory- so the relative path between the directory holding all of the linked images and the Gravit design file itself were not changed.

When I opened my project all of the linked images were broken. It seems like Gravit is using absolute links rather than relative links for these assets.

Is there a way to re-link the images? Right now the only solution I’m seeing is to re-insert these images which would be a lot of work and a big setback for progress on the project.

I think the linked assets are a great tool to make the desktop app more performant and I hope there is a fix.

Hi @Sky,

have you tried to update?

It looks like you are 6 versions behind. The latest version of Gravit Designer is 2020-1.2.1, released about a week ago.

I haven’t yet. I’ve been using the “Check for updates” feature in the desktop app and it says that it’s up to date. I will download that.

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Downloaded the latest and clicking around I found the solution which is clicking on the broken linked image in the Layers panel and then clicking the “Replace” in the Inspector panel under “Appearance”.

You still have to resize and crop the images but it will re-link it.

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