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Released: Gravit Designer 3.2.6 with critical fixes

We were hard at work in the last weeks to fix all the critical bugs that emerged lately. This release includes:

  • More improvements to font importing: we still haven’t ironed out all bugs, but importing fonts should now work across all systems and platforms.
  • Made sure that all system fonts are now available in the desktop apps.
  • Solved a bug where a text layer is blank when added.
  • Added a warning if overlarge images are imported, that could harm the performance.
  • Switching between grid types doesn’t break the isometric grid anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where the selection box wasn’t correctly updated for nested groups.
  • Updated the iPhone presets on the welcome screen.
  • “Don’t display message again” on welcome screen missed the checkbox.
  • Made some improvements to SVG importing.
  • Clipped shapes are now resized correctly alongside other elements.
  • Fixed that Arial Black and some other fonts now display correctly.
  • Duplicating an element while the Transform tool is opened now retains the selection handles.
  • Fixed a bug where the file preview and the actual fill showed a different result.
  • Opening a new file doesn’t close old one anymore on Linux.
  • Exporting a PDF from “Make exportable” retains effects now.
  • Font weight field now shows the correct wight name instead of “Regular.”
  • Fixed a bug where the selection box didn’t show correctly for some layers.
  • Changed “Export > PDF” in the menu bar to “PDF Document (.pdf) at 72dpi” to prevent confusion about the expected output.
  • Fixed a problem with Surface Pro 4 device, that prevented filling input fields.
  • Improved loading of .gvdesign files.
  • Improved importing of PDF files.
  • Fixed PDF exporting indicator.
  • Added warning, that shows when there was a problem saving to the Gravit Cloud.
  • Performance improvements to grouping and moving elements.

Please let us know if the mentioned issues were fixed for you or if there are problems that persist. Like always, app store releases might take some time until they are available.


Currently downloaded version of Linux desktop app says its 3.1.3
Time traveling confirmed :wink:

Thanks, we’ll look into that. For now, you can download the 3.2.6 Linux version here: Unfortunately, we have some caching issue with the Amazon S3 servers.

… and this it the link to appimage (previous was for binary):

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