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Removing background


I know stuff like this has been asked before but I’m still having trouble with this one. Would like to make the background transparent. Any help is much appreciated.


If this is a graphic you have produced in Gravit Designer

Click on the page name in the pages section (top left) then go to the properties inspector on the right hand side. At the top you will see the page width, height & Opacity. Set the Opacity to 0 the background should now be transparent

Hope this helps

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I believe Chris wants to remove the white background from the image, which won´t work as it is a PNG without alpha channel and indexed color space. In Gimp I can add one and set white to Transparency but that means in essence a gradational erasing - so mid grey tones become 50% opaque:

I don´t know of any filter that removes just “white”. Drawing the chart shouldn´t be too difficult though.
I can be all wrong and it´s just about page background color. :wink: Then techiekev has the right advise.


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Here you go. The header font is different though…

six_stages_of_air_purification.gvdesign (58.5 KB)

Check for (spelling) errors, provided "as is "

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Brave guy. :innocent:

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Awesome. Thx. I appreciate that but would also like to know how to do it. Will avoid bugging everyone if I can. Also there’s another one I’m working on - All-Units-Resize-EcoAir-Cascade-v2.0

You need to remove the background of this GIF containing 107 images? I´d be faster in recreating this in 3d and render against transparent background. :wink:
Good luck.

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No, it’s another image that I downloaded. Thanks though!

To delete the background, just click on them and press delete key.

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It’s an animated GIF not a vector file. You cant just click on the background, it isn’t a separate object

Oh, I see…

So, if this is a compiled gif, you can’t do it.

It would be better to use a raster-based program, like photoshop, not a vector-based.

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