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Right Click frequently does not work

Version 2022.i1.1 Win
Frequently, the context menu (when right clicking) just disables. No right clicking works until I restart the editor. I’ve had this issue on and off since I’ve first used the app.

The context menu will come back if I just left click a bunch of elements for awhile. It always happens on text elements.

Hi @Focus and welcome.

Can you reproduce the same issue while using the web version?

I use the Linux version I have the exact same problem, Frequently the right click is completely unresponsive

Does it happen only with the desktop version or on the web version/PWA as well?

Never worked in the web version to be honest as I only make use of the Desktop version in Linux

Would you please give it a try? Just for a testing purpose so we can isolate the issue.

So it seems in the web version so far I have not had an issue with the right click at all. However in all fairness I have not bee working in the web version for too long